The day-to-day tasks sometimes get a bit monotonous and heavy, especially when things do not go exactly as you planned. However, with just a few little tricks you will get them to stop being so and you will get more time for what you want, or even, if it is the case, to continue applying other ideas of decoration and improvement in your own home. It is very likely that as a good handyman you already know some of these tips, but I think not all, so I recommend you take a look and tell us which of them has been more interesting.

The tricks to improve the domestic and DIY tasks that we present today we are going to organize in two large sections. On the one hand, we are going to give you some ideas that if you find yourself in full home DIY tasks you will get pearls. On the other hand, if you are one of those who always have problems with washing machine clothes because they are faded or do not maintain their original color, we will tell you how you can achieve the perfect laundry without resorting to any specific product sold in the Supermarket.


DIY tricks without which you will not want to live

Being a handyman at home and getting it fixed practically everything does not exempt you from thinking about how to achieve a cleaner and faster job. Precisely in that sense are the advice that we show you below. Take note of them!

When you have to loosen a screw, it is best to spray on a little Coca Cola.
In order to eliminate the noise of a hinge, it is best to rub it with a slice of cucumber.
When you need to nail a tip, so that it does not bend, submerge it before nailing it in oil.
If you need to make a hole in a tile, so that it does not break, place cross-shaped tape on the place where you are going to place it. This way you will never break the tile, as the drill force is directly received by the plastic tape.
If your sink pipe is clogged, heat up bleach. When it is about to boil, pour it through the sink and allow it to sit for fifteen minutes. Then pour plenty of cold water.
To unclog a shower that is clogged, the most useful thing is to rub it with an old toothbrush. The bristles of the brush will clean the remains of accumulated lime.
Tips to improve your laundry easily

Although it may seem a lie, there are some habits when it comes to putting the washing machine that make your garments do not come out as well as you would like. Find out if you make any and correct them for perfect clothes!

When washing towels do not use a conditioner, because over time it tends to deteriorate and end up breaking. It is best to wash them with little soap and cold water. In the rinse is good to put a splash of vinegar or the juice of a lemon.
The best bleacher for cotton clothing is handwashing soap. Lather the clothes well and lay them in the sun for a while. Then rinse and wash normally. It will look like new.
The tablecloths, shirts, bedding will be very white if in the last rinse of the washing machine add a splash of hydrogen peroxide and leave it to stand for fifteen minutes. If a garment has shrunk you in size, try washing it with detergent and
make it wet. The weight of the water will help the garment to return to its original size.
The dark colored garments will retain their original color if washed normally and then left to soak in salted water and the contents of a beer can. Do not worry, the smell of beer will disappear.
When you wash clothes of different colors and some fade and stain another garment, it is best to boil laurel leaves and introduce the faded garment in this solution and let cool.
To remove sweat stains from the armpits, rub them with baking soda and lemon, let stand and then wash normally.
The plush dolls will be impeccable if you put them in the washing machine inside a pillowcase.
An infallible trick to whiten white socks, is to boil them with lemon slices.
If you have natural silk clothes, so that it conserves its brightness, it adds to the hour of the rinsing a trickle of vinegar.
With these little tips you will make your daily tasks easier and faster. In addition, it is clear that it is not at all complex to put these tricks in place with which you will have no excuse to save time in the laundry and in the DIY of your.